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About us

Established in 1986 by Rashid Pourshasb, Dragon Printing was initially a commercial printing company. Upon its establishment, Dragon Printing contained a range of printing presses and remained as such until 1999 when the first Gallus R160 was on-boarded to achieve higher quality printing.

The business ran fruitfully, and in 2008 Paul McCullum and Fareydun Pourshasb (son of Rashid) joined the company. With Paul joining the company, he brought with him 25 years of expertise in the label industry, while Fareydun brought his accounting skills and willingly integrated into the label industry.

After the sad passing of founder Rashid Pourshasb in 2009, Paul and Fareydun took over Dragon Printing, and continued its growth by expanding with new machinery.

Since then, Dragon Printing has continued to expand, on-boarding and researching advanced label printing systems in in 2012 to push for outstanding results for our clients.

In 2013, it became apparent that the business was again growing, and thus led to the purchase of a Screen CTP (digital plate and film making) machine. In 2014, Dragon Printing expanded further, with the purchase of a new factory in Melbourne, and more innovative technology.

All these expansions have combined to create innovative and high quality solutions for our clients’ products, continuously keeping the company vision alive.